Your Child’s Own Life-Script

We all want our children to be happy and successful. As parents and caregivers our role should be to help our children learn what they like, what makes them smile, what they love doing, what they don’t like, what they are good or bad at, and what is meaningful to them. We are to inspire possibilities. Do not misunderstand this, it is what it is meaningful to them, not o you. We must help them have the tools and skills to fulfill their interests and goals, which are not our goals or interests for them.

Please do not impose your ideal life-script into your child. If you want them to succeed and be happy in their success let them write their own life-script. In order to do this, they should be exposed to as many scenarios and interests that might be meaningful to them. This way they have the basis to know and understand what they like and what is meaningful to them.

How can we help?
*   Exposing them to as many themes, activities, topics, people and diverse scenarios as we can think of.

*   Assist in reflecting on them:

  • Did you like this?
  • Is it meaningful to you?
  • Did it make you smile?
  • Did you enjoy it? Did you not like it?
  • Do you see yourself doing this in the future?
  • Would you like to continue doing this?

*    Allow them to take risks and push their limits little by little.

*    Help them learn and recover from failures with your support.

*   Help them surround themselves with interesting and motivating people, become inspiring yourself.

*    Do not bring them down by telling them it can’t be done and they’re stupid for trying.

*    Once they have discovered and learned several things they would love to pursue, teach them to prioritize those things and help them focus in their top 4 – 5, so they are not distracted by the rest of their goals in their list.

*   Suggest making a time-line for their goals and priorities and set an interval (4 months) to check them periodically to evaluate progress. Let them do this by themselves, it is only a follow-up exercise, do not convert it into an obligation.

Trust and inspire your kids, make them feel loved so they feel confident to pursue what matters most to them.