Why Bullies Are Bullies?

Bullies often act the way they do because they want attention and they actually get it by bullying others. Bullies think they are popular, they see bullying as a way to get what they want. Additionally bullies feel important, powerful and big.

Bullies might think it is normal to act that way, especially if they live in an aggressive environment where they might have been bullied too. They might see the bully as a role model because they feel the bully has power and control over others, and they bully vulnerable children to feel that way and to follow their role model.

Sometimes bullies are aware they hurt others, but some bullies are not aware and have no idea how hurtful and damaging their actions are. Bullies are usually not insecure deep inside; they are generally non cooperative and present low empathy levels.

Bullies pick on the child they think they can have power over, this is the:
* Vulnerable child
* The anxious child
* The one who gets upset easily
* The one who doesn’t show self confidence
* The one who is not assertive
* The child worried about being accepted

This is one of the issues where Sleep’n Sync Bullying: teaching your child how to handle situations involving bullies, can help the bullied child. This is because the program helps the child project confidence, making him/her to be perceived as strong by the bullies.

What happens to bullies?
Bullies usually get in trouble and end up with very few followers. According to the police, bullies are more likely to develop a criminal record than their peers.

Although bullies usually remain bullies, they can change when they see they are not happy with who they are, or when they realize they don’t get the attention and respect (or fear) they want by bullying others, and people see them as trouble makers and losers. They can learn to transform their behavior through shifting to good role models and learning to use their power in positive ways.

If you suspect your child to be a bully, help him/her change into a good person and avoid the likeliness of becoming a troublemaker and even a criminal. By helping your child, you not only lead him/her into a better life, but you help to stop the bullying towards victims who get devastating effects in their lives.