We need your help!

Sleep’n Sync Candidates Needed

Sleep’n Sync is in the final stages of our research. We are looking for a few more children, 7-14 years old to help complete our study. Does your child have problems with flexibility? Does your child meet the criteria below? If so, we will offer the program free, as part of the research. Contact Alison Teasdale, our researcher at:  research@thespiralfoundation.org or call 617-969-4410, ext 267.  Mention Sleep’n Sync.

Do you know a child who has problems with flexibility such as the ability to stop one activity and move onto the next?

If yes, they may be interested in our research study “Feasibility and Effectiveness of the Sleep’n Sync Program”

What is the Sleep’n Sync Program?

Short duration audios, containing positive messaging, designed to be played to children while they sleep on an every-day basis for a relatively short period of time. This study uses the Flexibility I audio program which is designed to help children be cope with change and be open to help. (See the Sleep’n Sync website for more program information)

Who is eligible to participate?

  1. Children aged 7-14.11 years with flexibility problems
  2. Children cannot be receiving Sensory Integration OT treatment, be on the autism spectrum, have uncontrolled seizure disorder, neurological motor coordination problems or a mental health diagnosis involving psychosis.
  3. A teacher or other non-relative caregiver with regular interaction and knowledge of the child’s behavior must be available to complete several short questionnaires and a brief weekly survey.
  4. Families must have the ability to play the program through two speakers while the child sleeps.

What does the research study involve?

  1. Participation in the study will involve a 2-week pre-baseline, 8 weeks of listening to the Flexibility program, a 2-week post-baseline and a parent meeting over a 12-14 week period. Parent, child and teacher/non-relative caregiver complete several pre-test questionnaires
  2. Child listens to Sleep’n Sync audio, every night via 2 speakers, while sleeping for 8 weeks
  3. Parent completes a weekly phone call throughout study
  4. Parent, child and teacher/non-relative caregiver complete quick weekly on-line survey throughout study.
  5. Parent, child and teacher/non-relative caregiver complete several post-test questionnaires.
  6. Families can be provided with the results of all standardized assessments at the conclusion of the study
  7. Children and teachers will receive small gift cards as a thank you for participation.

Do I need to make any study visits to the Spiral Foundation?

No, everything can be completed by the phone, by mail and electronically.

Are there any risks in participating in the study?

There are no known risks.

How can I find out more?

If you are interested in hearing more please contact Alison Teasdale:   research@thespiralfoundation.org or call 617-969-4410, ext 267