“We Must Use Time Creatively”

A Martin Luther King quote that inspires us to be creative with our time with our children, and to promote their creativity and success in life.

As parents we can and should promote creativity in our children, allowing them to build on their own strengths and talents. To do so, it is helpful to be aware of their interests so we can provide the necessary environment and support to allow them to develop their strengths and talents in what interests them. This environment can be created by the family when it allows our children the freedom to develop their unique identity, to have their own thoughts and to express them naturally. In this family-created atmosphere where children take intellectual risks, children are prone to be very creative and competent in their work.

When we are able to balance support and tension within the family, our children are likely to be connected to one another yet, they are also differentiated individually.

As parents we can have realistic high expectations of each one of our children to develop their individual talents, and we should encourage them to express their individual thoughts. To do so, it is important to challenge their ideas without being negative nor judgemental. With this our children are likely to be self-motivated, self-directed and have a good mental health.

“Parenting styles that help a child to find his or her own identity, rather than prescribe it, allow for open expression of ideas and independent thought; reduce parent-child identification, but not necessarily affiliation or affection; and provide support in the presence of challenges, which aids in the development of talent and creativity and good mental health.” (Olszewski, 2001)

It is important to develop bonds with our children while we allow them autonomy, independence and space. When our children face challenges and difficulties, allow them to cope with them when you know they are able to, and if you think they need guidance, guide them subtlety in a way that they experience it and face it themselves. Do not do this for them, do not protect them from risks, do not ease work when they need to do hard work. They must be in control over their circumstances. Allow them to experience the stress and tensions that arise from challenging ideas and our high expectations so that they live up to their potential. Be careful to have realistic high expectations for your child.

Some ways we can support them in developing coping strategies with stress is to allow them to have time for themselves to decompress, to allow them to have internal ideas and fantasies, to express emotions through creative work, and help them gain control over their life.

Keep a positive and creative mindset and share it. It is contagious and it leads to successful outcomes.