Uncertain Times

Tips to Deal with Uncertainty

In an uncertain world, it is best to learn and help your children learn to deal with different levels of uncertainty and change.

There is nothing certain but the uncertain, and in fact it is what makes life interesting and fun. Help your children embrace uncertainty, take the moment and make the best of it. When a child deals with the natural fear of the unknown in the best possible way and lives with a positive attitude, life is happier.

Fear of the unknown- It is natural to be fearful of the future, things can and do go wrong sometimes. It is how fear and change is dealt with that one can make the best possible decisions or not. In order to control the fear, help your children listen to their body, learn when fear is emerging and tame it before taking over.

How? Through thoughts, positive thoughts, logical thoughts that make negative scenarios and the anticipation of them subside or turn into positive ones. When this is not working, help your children think of positive things that will displace their negative thoughts, this is a strategy that works. Even when negative thoughts keep coming, remind them of good things, impose good thoughts purposely, even when they’re not related to the issue that is igniting their fear. Thinking of something totally unrelated can clear your child’s mind and provide a better state to make decisions.

Once your children’s minds are calm and rational, help them recognize what is known and what is not. Help them understand the facts and what to expect from those facts. Then make a plan together to address a negative scenario that might happen and that is creating fear, knowing what they should do can help them to stay cool and in control of any situation, even when that situation was not foreseen before.

Make sure you both set priorities so you can focus in what matters. Keeping a cool mind, knowing what you know and can control and what you don’t know and can’t control is key to make the best possible decisions. In doing so, trust your intuition. Help your children understand we all make mistakes and when we do, it is not the end of the world.

Remind your children that once a decision is made, the action is taken, there is no use in thinking of other decisions they could have made, this will only drown them in the past with stress and negativity that will keep them from moving forward.

Help your children embrace what they can’t control, approach what life brings on with curiosity, creativity and fun. Life is full of surprises, make the best of it!