Tips to Get Ready for the Mid-Terms

It is that time of the year in which children are deep into the school year, midterms approaching and time to get prepared and ready to excel.

It is important to understand the purpose of tests, a test is a way to measure what your child has learned, it is an opportunity for your child to show what he/she knows.

Getting ready for a test involves several steps. The student must know the academic content, have sufficient time to study, be organized in their approach, practice and understand information. Before even beginning to study the student must ask several questions. The answer to these questions will guide how they study.
It is key to know exactly what material will be covered in the test, for example: is it only chapter one? or is it all the material covered this year? They also need to know what kind of test it is: is it multiple choice? Essay form questions? A combination of both? This information is valuable beforehand to study the right material the right way, so that your child can learn and practice answering the questions in the format they will be tested.

With enough time before the tests, your child can make a study schedule in which he/she can study and really know every topic in the test, learning and practicing answering test-like questions. Being ready makes your child feel more comfortable and confident to take the test.

Before the test your child should: Know the academic contents and the format of the test; have practiced answering questions; and learned to pace him/herself when answering test-like questions. Now, the night before the test, it is important that your child gets a healthy dinner, review the material (not cram and re-study everything), and sleep early. The morning of the test a light healthy breakfast and a quick review is helpful.

Make sure your child understands that a certain level of anxiety is good for test performance, but feeling knowledgeable and confident is extremely important.

When listening to other class-mates talk about their impression of the test, your child must focus in allowing good information in, while disregarding insecure thoughts that can emerge. For example, listening to others say “The test is way too easy!” can make your child think they are not smart and may have failed the test, when in reality the child that says it may be attempting to appear knowledgeable. Another example is “The test is impossible” making your child fear he will fail the test and do terrible, when the other child is trying to save face in the case he does bad on the test. Make sure your child knows this and does not allow others’ anxiety to increase their own.

Sleep’n Sync’s Test Taking: Strategies to Maximize Your Child’s Test Performance program assists your child develop the self confidence, attitude, body and mind preparation and study habits needed to perform at their best when taking tests. This program focuses on minimizing test anxiety by building your child’s confidence and giving them strategies to be prepared and show what they really know.
Your child wants to do well, once he gets these skills in his system, he will be do well and become happier.