Tips: Ease Your Child’s Transition to Back-to-School Mode

Summer is coming to an end and back-to-school time is rapidly approaching.
Your child will need to change from vacation-unstructured-fun mode to school-structured-class mode. There is a natural tendency to resist this change. Plus a mix of feelings towards the new school year- excitement and fear, worry and thrill.
You can help your child gradually get back into the structured learning routine that the school season implies.

-   Gradually return to school life sleep times
-   Have them read something
-   Encourage them to write about their vacations, or start a journal
-   Talk about the great things that happened at school last year (the times they felt proud for their school accomplishments)   so they look forward to more of those.
- Mark a calendar with how many days until school starts. Count down the days with your child.

Address your child’s worries, talk about them and make them excited about the new year to come.Encourage them to

-   Be open-minded and flexible
-   Embrace the newness
-   Show enthusiasm
-   Meet new people

Make sure they know it takes time to adjust so they are patient and keep the positive attitude towards the new school year. Remember, familiarity decreases stress and anxiety. If your child is going into a new school or a new class, make sure to visit it before school starts. Introduce your child to their new teacher, find out where their desk will be, help them feel comfortable.

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