We discussed about her Friday test and what she wanted to happen- she wanted a 100%.On the day of the test I made her a healthy breakfast with fruit and oatmeal. We were very positive and she was prepared to take the test. We reviewed all week, like we do all the time.  Her confidence was higher than usual and I loved that.
She came home and was acting a little sad so I thought she didn’t do very well on the test but I kept positive.  She was fooling me…she pulled that test out and did a little dance.  She got a 100% and for the past 3 weeks she has gotten a 100% so I’m a believer in this program…. read more

Pamallen from Kelly's Thoughts on Things

Sleep’n Sync is a brilliant series that impacts the functionality of children…and ADULTS! Our family has loved how easy it is to get results. Congrats on the product review

Suzanne Wilkinson from Illinois

Since I started playing this audio at night, she seems to wake up a little happier, and since she has been listening to the tapes, I have not seen a single incident of her feeling angry or frustrated. Now, of course, I can’t say if it’s because an anger-inducing situation hadn’t presented itself, but I do feel as if my child is a little more at peace.

Jean Dwyer from The Well Rounded Child

We received the Sleep’n Sync Bullying which is about helping your child learn to deal with bullies. I have a special needs child and that is something I fear everyday. I want him to understand how to handle these situations and what to do. No one should ever be bullied and this is a perfect way to teach a child!

Ramblings of a Tattoed Mom from

“My child is actually studying and his school performance is improving. He got better grades!”

Mother of an 11 year old boy from FL
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