Summer at Last!

Summer is finally here! you and your family deserve to have a relaxed and enjoyable summer.

Just think about it, no more school work, no more stress and anxiety over tests and grades, no more tension in the mornings to get to school on time.

Summer presents many opportunities for fun, make sure you take them by avoiding stress and enjoying yourself during the summer season.

Keep in mind the kids need to be busy somehow, it is a good idea to have them participate in enriching activities. These activities will have them stimulated, active and happy, preventing boredom which can generate quarrels.

Once you have visualized all the fun opportunities summer offers, choose wisely. You don’t have to do every single thing, take it easy and enjoy the ones you choose. Do not over-schedule activities, even if they’re fun. By having too many scheduled you just add to stress and increase the possibility of a bad moment. Don’t forget to set some time just to relax and wind down.

Take advantage of having your children around and plan activities that de-stress all of you, like art time, drawing and painting can be entertaining, inspiring and fulfilling… walk to the park or around the neighborhood, it offers a combination of stimuli and exercise outside of the home, making it possible to forget about everyday chores just for a while…enjoy the outdoors scenery, nature, buildings, other people and birds…

Set aside some time for music. Music is a well known stress reliever, so just listening to music can prove enjoyable…and if it is one that inspires dancing, go ahead! It is so much fun to dance, move your body and express yourself through dance, while directing your energy to this activity.

Get social… Our friends and other children allow us to talk about different things, do different stuff and share experiences, focusing on things other than our own. It benefits our emotional health, and provides a sense of belonging to a group.

Make relaxation and playtime your primary focus, at least for a few days…Change the dynamics of daily life into something fun, stress-free and relaxing, while keeping busy.