Starting School Confidently and Positively

The beginning of the school year is important because it sets the pathway to your child’s enjoyment of learning throughout the year.

Setting a positive relationship between the teacher, the student and his parents to work together for the benefit of your child can bring about great outcomes.

You can start by creating an open line of communication with each one of your child’s teachers the first days of school. Meeting the teachers, calling them or emailing them are good ways to approach this. Express your concerns, your expectations and your child’s strengths, after all, you are the one who knows your child best. This will help teachers be empathetic with your child, respect her and be convinced that they can build on your child’s strengths so she is taught the way she learns.

Make your child aware of these relationships and open lines of communication and share your enthusiasm. This way you can help your child empathize with the teachers, respect them and understand they have something special that will help her learn and accomplish her goals.

Create the time and connect with your child these days, it is the start of the school year and your child is getting accustomed to new teachers, new schedules, new class-mates… Ask questions, inquire about the best thing that has happened in school so far; ask about what has been the most frustrating thing; learn if there is something your child wishes to be different and have a conversation into making it better. This will reaffirm your child’s confidence, knowing you love him, you care, and you want the best for him.

Talk about who your child wants to be, her ideal self. Make sure she explores the world with that idea in mind, knowing she will make mistakes on the way. Remind him that when things get messy or confusing, he can step back and evaluate if that is who he wants to be, if it is not, he can change his act and become the person he really is.

Share your thoughts about making mistakes, how we all make mistakes constantly, how we learn through them and try not to make the same mistakes again. No one is perfect!  A. Einstein said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new”.

Enthusiasm is contagious, share it and make learning something you are always excited about. This is a new beginning, welcome it with open arms.