Sleep’n Sync has a New Look!

Sleep’n Sync has a new image, a new feel in its site…

We invite you to navigate and feel the new Sleep’n Sync! Start on the Home page and be pleasantly surprised by the dynamic carousel as its slides invite you to learn more. Simply click on the buttons to get to the desired destination. Read, learn, and enjoy!

Scroll down the home page and pass your mouse over the green squares;  feel a smile appearing on your face as you see the rotating neuron. Now, go ahead and click the buttons that will take you to the page you want.

After you have experienced this, look at the products Sleep’n Sync currently offers and imagine how one of them would help your child. Now, you can listen to a sample of the program’s audio as you click on the Listen arrow, go onto More Information to learn more about the product selected; what is addressed in the audio, as well as the content of the product and the benefits that come along with it. Once you are convinced that this is the right program for your child, don’t hesitate to get it!

Your child may begin using Sleep’n Sync tonight! Just download and start immediately-it’s that easy! The smile on your child’s face will be priceless…

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