Sleep: Why is Sleep Necessary?

As we know, and sometimes forget, sleep is a basic physiological need, just like eating or drinking (water), and it is essential for appropriate functioning. We sleep 1/3 of our lives, and something we use that much of our time doing is necessarily very important.

If we want our children to perform well, we need to make sure they get the sleep they need to stay healthy, on task, and positive towards life.
The time a child spends at sleep is key to proper functioning and life enjoyment. Studies have shown that poor sleep and sleep depravation produce a huge negative impact in maintaining health and life enjoyment.

Having a child with sleep problems is tough, not only is this situation affecting the child’s performance, attitude and mood, it is also affecting the parents’ sleep which they also need to respond better to their child’s problem. Sometimes, a child’s sleeping problem can create a sleep problem in the parent(s).

Obviously a child not sleeping well and the parents not sleeping well either because of the child’s sleeping problem is a cycle one wants to avoid. Poor sleep in the child affects the child’s performance in school, sports, social situations, etc., and it also affects the child’s ability to enjoy life. All this takes a toll in the child’s self confidence and happiness.
On the other hand, the parents don’t get the sleep they need since they are trying to help their child sleep well. This also affects the parents’ functioning and mood, having many times effects like lack in flexibility and frustration tolerance, which can create explosiveness and terrible consequences in both the parents and the child.

Poor sleep also affects negatively the person’s health. So on top of all the negative performance and mood effect, it also affects the person’s health! Being the child, the parent, or both. Numerous studies have demonstrated this reality.

Sleeping poorly has an impact on the quality of life. It affects everything in every-day life, like mood, mental alertness, work performance, and energy level. It is not normal to feel tired during the day, and it is not normal to have difficulty in sleeping every night.