Test Taking

Test Taking


Full Program Includes:

  • Test Taking Audio 36 min
  • Caregiver Instructions Guide
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Bonus Binaural Beats Soundtrack 30 min
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Product Description

Test Taking Strategies to Maximize Your Child’s Test Performance.
Sleep’n Sync provides a non-invasive patent-pending proven solution to help a a child show what he/she knows when taking tests. This program assists the child develop the self confidence, attitude, body and mind preparation and study habits needed to perform at their best when taking tests. Test Taking focuses on minimizing test anxiety by building the child’s confidence and giving them strategies to be prepared and show what they really know.

Concepts in the Audio

  • Positive self concept, feeling good about yourself
  • Feeling positive about learning, school and tests
  • Keeping your mind and body focused, alert and sharp
    • Turn on the light in your mind
    • Eat healthy foods, get plenty of rest, exercise regularly
    • Pay attention in class, study, review what you learn in
      school and do your homework
  • Studying in advance for a test, the correct material
  • Being prepared mentally and physically for a test
  • Being calm, alert and focused for a test and letting go of fear and axiety
  • Test taking strategies
    • Turn the light on in your brain
    • Keep your mind focused on the test
    • Recognize the test set-up
    • Read the instructions clearly and accurately
    • Pace yourself to finish the test
    • Strategies for:
      • Questions you are not sure of
      • Filling the black questions
      • Multiple choice questions
      • Reviewing your work
  • Doing your best and feeling good about it

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Test Taking

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