Reading Comprehension &

Reading Comprehension


Full Program Includes:

  • Reading Comprehension Audio 34 min
  • Caregiver Instructions Guide
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Bonus Binaural Beats Soundtrack 30 min
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Product Description

Reading Comprehension and Communication Skills-Level I.
Sleep’n Sync stimulates reading comprehension, receptive language, verbal expression and reasoning skills by making the sensory connections with visual images. This program provides strategies that help the child create visual images from words and sentences that are read or spoken. It also helps them share these images using written or spoken words in order to enhance their communication skills. It is a non-invasive patent-pending proven solution to a child’s major challenge of understanding what they read and hear and expressing their ideas.

Concepts in the Audio

  • Positive self concept, feeling good about yourself
  • Turning words heard or read into pictures in the mind
    • Pictures help to understand and remember what is
      read and heard
    • Pictures help when talking out loud and expressing self
  • Visualizing objects and making mental images
  • Describing fantasy images
  • Picturing single sentence images, using descriptive words
    to change the meaning of a sentence
  • Underlining image words to identify the main idea
  • Building sentence by sentence imagery from a gestalt of a
  • Expressing self in a clear, detailed and organized fashion
    • Using pictures to organize thoughts and communications
    • Gesturing to improve understanding of others
    • Using detail words to structure and organize descriptions:
      size, shape, color, how many, where, when, what, background,
      movement, mood, sounds, perspective, taste or smell

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