Flexibility III

Flexibility III

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Full Program Includes:

  • Flexibility III Audio 24 min
  • Caregiver Instructions Guide
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Bonus Binaural Beats Soundtrack 30 min
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Product Description

Flexibility III-Helping Your Child Cope with Transitions and Leaving an Unfinished or Preferred Activity.Flexibility III is designed to help the child’s subconscious mind reconnect with their confident self that is in control of their emotions and behaviors.
The program builds on the concepts addressed in Flexibility I and II, helping the child develop the confidence and flexibility needed to cope with change, transition, and move from preferred or unfinished tasks or activities. It includes an audio to be played to the child every night when the child is sleeping, during a 6 weeks. It also includes a Guide which provides the caregiver recommendations and advice elaborated by Sleep’n Sync‘s experts, to help and support the child through the process. This way the program helps synchronize the conscious mind with the subconscious mind of the child, and with the caregiver’s support, it provides the best scenario for the child’s goal achievement. Also included: a user friendly evaluation form to measure your child’s progress and final results. All Sleep’n Sync’s audios have binaural beats. This is optional. This is a non-invasive patent-pending proven solution to a child’s major challenge of being flexible.

Concepts in the Audio

  • Positive self concept, feeling good about yourself, staying calm
  • Keeping your mind and body focused, relaxed, flexible
  • Adjusting to change and trying new activities
  • Letting go of fear and anxiety
  • Transitioning easily from one activity to the next
    • Secure in self and easily adjust
    • Understands schedule and anticipates schedule changes
    • Leaving a preferred task or favorite activity and moving on
    • Prepared for change and transitions
    • Leaving a task that is not finished and moving on to the next one
    • Move to the next activity
    • Moving to an activity that is hard or difficult
  • Looking forward to change and learning
  • Dealing with unexpected changes
    • Letting go of anxiety and disappointment
    • Embracing change
    • Coping strategies
  • Being open to help, learning, change and suggestions
    • Relax
    • Patience with self and confidence
  • Staying focused and organized on tasks
  • Following through and initiation of tasks: Moving from one task to
    another- “Just do it”
  • Being open to change and suggestions

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