Dealing With Anger II

Dealing With Anger II

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Full Program Includes:

  • Dealing With Anger Audio 23 min
  • Caregiver Instructions Guide
  • Evaluation Forms
  • Bonus Binaural Beats Soundtrack 30 min
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Product Description

Dealing With Anger II-Helping Your Child Deal with Explosions. Recommended for the child who explodes with anger.
This program is a non-invasive patent-pending proven solution to a child’s major challenge of dealing with anger explosions. The program teaches the child constructive strategies for recognizing, defusing and dealing with the intense emotions created by anger. This program is designed to help the child’s subconscious mind reconnect with their confident self. Through internalizing this confident self-concept which is able to recognize warning signs of anger within the body and have strategies to use when anger emerges, a child should feel in control of himself. This program helps synchronize the conscious mind with the subconscious mind of the child, and with the caregiver’s support, it provides the best scenario for the child’s goal achievement.

Concepts in the Audio

  • Positive self concept, feeling good about yourself
  • There are times when you get angry: Choose to stay in control
  • Stop and listen to your body
  • Cooling anger by taking a break
  • Cooling anger by thinking cooling thoughts
  • Thoughts control emotions
  • Release anger in safe ways
    • Active ways
    • Slowing down
  • Exercise as a tool to:
    • Decrease stress and lower anxiety
    • Release energy and anger
    • Stay in control
  • Solve the problem, communicate and move on