Relationships, Connections and Learning

It can’t be stressed enough how much relationships matter. People learn better from people they like and respect. Relationships come before significant knowledge, so as parents and caregivers we should create a trustful and supportive connection with our children.

From the moment our children are born we establish warm and loving interactions with them. As these kind of interactions continue to exist through our lives together, our children find the support they need to develop confidence, resilience and communication skills. We are well aware of the benefits this foundation brings to their lives as they grow and face the world.

A close relationship with parents, caregivers, teachers and mentors provides a firm foundation to support them through life challenges, and produces a sense of safety and security. This, in turn, helps the child gain the confidence to learn a new skill, understand a new academic concept, in addition to helping them relate and apply previous knowledge to new scenarios.

A good relationship has the power to encourage those involved to explore new ideas, to create new things, to engage in different activities, to interact with others, to not only want to learn but share what they learn. It creates a sense of purpose in this world.

The process of teaching and learning is one that should not only be highly valued, but enjoyed as well. Positive relationships and the confidence they entail can make more children have the courage to take chances, to ask questions, to think freely!

Every child should be entitled to an advocate, an adult devoted to their support, encouragement, and cause. A person who fully grasps the significance of connection, and urges them to reach their full potential.