Meaning In Our Dreams

Many people have explored the idea that dreams have meanings in them, there are movies where dreams determine the outcome of the movie, like in the legendary Fiddler on the Roof where the way the father convinced his wife that their daughter would be marrying the taylor and not the butcher was through a made-up dream that appealed to his wife’s belief that the dead visit us in our dreams and give us messages.

And the legendary Sigmund Freud who suggested that the driving force of our dreams are repressed sexual wishes and desires, this theory has now been scientifically proven wrong. However it is true, as Freud said, that our dreams are driven by strong emotion together with basic instincts and they are created from our memory, both recent experiences and those that happened during childhood (Rock, 2005).

There are also books that give universal meaning to symbols we can have in our dreams, which can be really inaccurate as I will describe later. There are also multiple attempts to give universal meaning to symbols we can find in our dreams, like books that give universal meaning to symbols we can have in our dreams. This is completely inaccurate, instead, as Jung stated, our dreams do carry individual personal meanings in their scenes, symbols, and narratives, but they are particularly valid to each one of us, something that means one thing to one person is likely to mean a complete different thing to another.

If we view things scientifically, it is
From a scientific standpoint, it is not likely that it will ever be possible to say definitively that a given dream has a standardized universal specific meaning. But we can use our dreams as helpful tools to gain insight into our emotional worries, being aware that our interpretative system is creating a narrative about the meaning of our dream, moreover being also aware that it was the same system that created the dream narrative in the first place.

Over all, dreams may not be messages, but they are our most intimately personal creations as they are worlds created by the contents of our minds…