Making a Happy Transition to Summer Time

On the verge of summer time, you can help your child make a happy transition to this fun time of the year.

Make sure your child’s summer is active, since happiness is strongly related to an active life, as Prof. Ruut Veenhoven says “In order to lead a happy life, a rewarding life, you need to be active,” as a result of a recent study on happiness.

It is also important to have your child in a friendly social space, where they can make and have close friends. Note that it is important to have close friends, however happiness does not increase with an increase the number of friends.

Feeling good-looking, more than actually being good-looking, increases self confidence. So praise your child in their looks, this can also encourage them to make an effort to look nice and groomed…

Talk to your child about the summer plans, so this change in life is expected and longed for.

This is important especially if your child has difficulties with transitions, it is very important that they know about the summer plans, with a detailed explanation on what, where and with who they will be during this time.

Sleep’n Sync can help with its Flexibility Series, as it helps the child “go with the flow” and adjust to change. It consists of three programs that gradually help the child: buildĀ skills needed to be flexible, relax the child and their personality, improve self esteem, self confidence and comfort in their own skinĀ and eventually to be able to let go of activities they obsess over in order to transition on to other activities.The Guide (booklet) is loaded with suggestions and advice for the caregiver to help the child along the way; and the audio which is played at night while the child sleeps helps the child.

Make sure you are happy too, stay active and connected, so you teach your child by means of example how to make yourself happy. And don’t worry too much about your mood variations or being sad sometimes, you are human! It is in human nature to be sometimes happy, sometimes not so happy, and sometimes sad. In fact, being sad can be useful as an alert to curb negative behaviour, just keep it down to 10% of the time.

If you are a parent or caregiver that anticipates any difficulty with their child adjusting to the change that the end of the school year or summer brings should start Sleep’n Sync now!

Prevent problems..enjoy your summer…start Sleep’n Sync with your child today!

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