Holiday Survival Tips

Winter break is here! It is an exciting time of the year, time to spend some family time together, perhaps a family reunion, gifts, New Year’s Eve fireworks…

We all want to enjoy all this, it is the perfect opportunity to do so. But sometimes it is not so easy for our children, especially if they find transitions challenging or the noise and congestion stressful.
In order to ease transitions and reduce stressful situations, there are things we can do.

Talk about your holiday and vacation plans with your children, make sure you share your excitement and every detail you know about the plans you have, your expectations, people you might be joining or who will be joining you to celebrate.

Tips Include:

Vacation plans-if any- with details, mentioning when, where, for how many days, how you will get there, what activities you are planning to do, and who is participating. Use visuals like pictures and things you will need to take with you. Help your children pack their own stuff making them visualize weather and activities to figure out what kind of clothes they will need.

Dinner plans. If you are planning on a family and friend’s dinner or celebration share the details with your family, including when and where it will take place, who is attending, if you will all be dressed formal or casual, what food you expect to be served, how you will all be seated, and any other detail you might know.

Family activities, friends and quiet times. Be sure to schedule quiet time or lower key activities throughout the break. This may include play dates, get together with friends or even family. Remember small gatherings are often less stressful to children, so whenever possible, keep gathering smaller. When that’s not possible, see if you can set your child up with a friend or relative to play in a quieter area. Bring familiar games or toys.

New Year’s: How are you planning to end the current year and start the next? Will you stay up? Expecting fireworks? Dealing with loud noises?

Unexpected. Make sure you mention that unexpected things might arise, but that you will all face them and adapt smoothly to them, with a positive attitude and an open mind. Think of different scenarios and what you would do about them if they do happen. These might even make the break more fun and exciting.

Sleep’n Sync can help with its Flexibility Series, as it helps the child “go with the flow” and adjust to change. It consists of three programs that gradually help the child: build skills needed to be flexible, relax the child and their personality, improve self-esteem, self-confidence and comfort in their own skin and eventually to be able to let go of activities they obsess over in order to transition on to other activities.

The Guide (booklet) is loaded with suggestions and advice for the caregiver to help the child along the way; and the audio which is played at night while the child sleeps helps the child.

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