Holding Your Child Accountable For His Or Her Actions

Talking about accountability? If you want to hold your child accountable for their actions, the first and most important requirement for it is your child should be in control of such actions, as well as having the necessary information and skills to take thoughtful decisions.

If your child’s motivation to control their actions consists of the consequences you impose, instead of his or her own desire to do well, it is likely your child is not figuring out nor learning the skills he or she needs to control his or her anger reactions.

It is extremely likely that your child knows you dislike and disapprove his or her anger-explosions; and it is also likely that she or he dislikes them too, therefore there is no need to keep on giving that disapproving message to your child through punishments. Punishment, as discussed in Punishment and Reward Program: Does it Really Work? Does not help your child get the skills he or she needs, on the contrary, it can increase the frequency of his or her anger-explosions!

When is your child actually taking responsibility and control over his or her actions? When your child is controlling his or her actions, considering your concerns, figuring out solutions with or without you, and you notice he or she is exploding less.