Helping Your Child Deal With Anger And Frustration

Why children need to learn to deal with frustration and anger?

We all get frustrated, upset and angry some times. These are normal emotions.

Frustration and anger are healthy feelings that alert us to problems. These feelings give us energy to solve the problems we face, and although it is not something we enjoy, it is useful if we know how to recognize these emotions, use them and control them to solve our problems.

We can all learn to deal the right way with our emotions of frustration and anger and live happier lives. This relies on understanding and gaining control over our thoughts and learning constructive behavioral skills. It also relies on flexibility and dealing with frustration and things that are not going as we want them.

Children who know how to deal with their frustrations and anger are usually happier children.

Children can learn to recognize how they are feeling, develop communication strategies to express their thoughts and desires, and develop skills at problem solving. These children are better liked by peers, more successful academically, easier to live with, and people around them are happier too.