Get Organized!

Organizational skills are important for optimal performance through life. These can be taught from an early age and all the way as they are needed. We can help our children – and ourselves- to learn them.

These skills can be taught during sports practices, music lessons, play dates, homework and even during play dates. Through these activities you can teach your child to be organized. Organizational skills involve physical and mental organization as well as time management abilities, these are essential for good school performance and life.

Physical organization is learned by practice and becomes a habit for life. It involves putting papers, books, clothes and other stuff in its proper places, and getting rid of things that are not needed. This aspect is very useful so time will not be wasted in things such as finding a homework paper because it is not in its place.

Mental organization is very important. Your child is likely to perform better by prioritizing projects, activities and tasks in terms of importance and time/deadlines.This is a skill that requires weighing the importance and time involved in the different tasks a project or activity demands.

Time management involves making the best use of time. A time-planner can be very helpful so that the things your child needs to do are there and time is not wasted in things that are not important.

Your child needs to prioritize all his/ her projects and activities; prioritization means to give importance to projects and activities: some are just more important than others. You should guide your child in this task, as it involves moral values that will affect your child’s well-being. Once your child knows what needs to be prioritized they need to know how to tackle each project.

For each activity or project, your child needs to visualize the organization of the project by focusing on the steps needed to complete the project. Seeing the rational sequence and how one step leads to another until the whole project is finished efficiently, is important.

Whenever possible teach teamwork. Team work is a great exercise that involves organization, as the project’s tasks can be divided by the team members according to their strengths and abilities and according to each task’s time requirement.

As you help you child plan their schedule of activities look at how you will help them maintain their organization and learn from these activities. Also, when scheduling their activities, keep in mind your child’s well being, their likes and interests and focus on your child’s overall quality of life.

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