Frequently Asked Questions

How should my child listen to Sleep’n Sync audios?

Sleep’n Sync audios are designed to be played to your child when your child is sleeping, every night for six weeks. After the audio is downloaded, any audio player can work.Remember: Your child should be sleeping when you play the Program’s audio; your child’s subconscious mind is alert when your child is sleeping, and the messages in the audio are designed to be heard by your child’s subconscious mind. So don’t worry, your child will listen to the audio when sleeping (don’t keep your child awake!) Play the audio close to your child, please make sure that the volume is loud enough so that anyone close to the audio player speakers can listen, but low enough so that it does not wake up your child.

*If you want your child to also get the benefits of the binaural beats technology that is embedded in the background music of all Sleep’n Sync’s audios, there are three ways:

* Your child must wear headphones while listening to the audio, or

* Find a stereo pillow that has the speakers integrated within it, or

* Place the speakers in a way that your child’s head is in between both speakers.

How can my child hear something when he/she is asleep?

Your child’s subconscious mind is alert and open to absorb Sleep’n Sync’s program’s messages when your child is sleeping.

Sleep provides the receptive mind state for suggestions, since it is known that the brainwave states are usually between alpha and theta, both highly receptive states for suggestions.

The subconscious mind is awake, and it is more receptive when the person is in a relaxed phase, as when being asleep.

When is the best time for my child to listen to Sleep’n Sync?

The best time for your child to listen to Sleep’n Sync is any time during his sleep.
Even when we know sleep has different cycles and different brain-activity patterns during the night, they all provide a good state for your child to absorb the messages in the audio.
Don’t forget to play it once, every night during your child’s sleep for 6 weeks.

Are there any negative effects or dangers in using Sleep’n Sync?

No, there are no known negative effects in your child using Sleep’n Sync as it should be used (that is: listening to it while sleeping, once every night). Sleep’n Sync only uses positive messages designed to help and empower your child. It is a known fact that messages given to the subconscious mind will only be followed by the child if he/she WANTS to do it. While our goal is to help the child be more receptive, if there is something the child feels strongly against, nothing in the audio can change that. Sleep’n Sync is based on the child’s own willingness to do better, helping his/her neural wiring to facilitate achieving their goals.

How do I set Sleep’n Sync up?

Place the audio player and speakers or headphones next to your child’s bed, listen to the audio just for a moment to make sure that the volume is set loud enough to listen to it clearly, but low enough so that it doesn’t wake up your child when it starts playing in the middle of the night.

Can I combine multiple Sleep’n Sync programs?

It is recommended to treat one issue at the time for best results, so one Sleep’n Sync audio at a time is your best option.

Is there an easy way to play it every night?

YES! If you are using as the audio player a smart phone, iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can set the Sleep’n Sync’s audio as an  Alarm within the “Clock” that is already in the phone’s software.

Simply set an alarm in “Clock”: Add an “Alarm” with the “+” at the top right; choose a time when you know your child will be asleep (like 1:30am); touch “Repeat” and select every day; You can label this alarm “Sleep’n Sync” if you like. Then set the sound: in “Sound” select “Pick a Song” and it will take you to your phone’s iTunes play-list, select the Sleep’n Sync’s program’s audio, adn you have set the program to play every night. Make sure you put the snooz off.

Important: In order to prevent the alarm to set-off with vibration, which can wake up your child (this is not what you want): Go to “Settings”, select “Sounds” and make sure “Vibrate on Ring” is “Off”. This way the alarm will sound out the Sleep’n Sync’s program without vibrating

No so tech-savvy? Digital vs Physical formats

If you’re no to NOT tech-savvy, you’re not alone! That is why Sleep’n Sync offers its programs in a physical form. You can get by mail a CD with the audios and a printed paper booklet for the Caregiver’s Instructions Guide of the program. This includes the evaluation forms that can be filled with pen or pencil. This way you can read from paper pages and play in a CD player the audios.

Can I use the audio when my child is awake?

Sleep’n Sync audios are designed to be played to your child when your child is sleeping. This way it can reach to your child’s subconscious mind without the barriers set by consciousness.

It is very important to talk to your child about Sleep’n Sync’s program before you start. Be clear in sharing with your child the purpose of the program, how it will help with your child’s issue, and how it is implemented.

Do not forget to mention that the audio will be played while your child is sleeping. This way, if your child wakes up while the audio is playing, your child will not get upset since he/she will remember that Sleep’n Sync’s audio would be played while he/she is sleeping.

Can I play the audio in the car when my child is sleeping?

NO! Do not play Sleep’n Sync audio in your car’s stereo while driving, even if your child sleeps in the car. The only acceptable way to do this is if your child is listening through headphones and you cannot hear it.

This is because the background music helps you relax, and when you are driving you need to be fully awake and aware of what you are doing.

Can I listen to the Sleep’n Sync audio that my sleeping child is listening to?

YES! You can definitely listen to the audio. In fact, you are encouraged to listen to it at least once, so that you are aware of all the positive messages and suggestions contained in your child’s Sleep’n Sync audio.

Should my child use headphones to listen to Sleep’n Sync audio?

Your child will receive the benefits of the positive messages with or without headphones. When your child uses headphones or the acoustic pillow, he/she will get the benefit of becoming even more receptive and relaxed.

Should I set the player to replay the audio all night?

No. Although you may replay it when your child is sleeping, you should make sure you limit your child’s listening time to sixty minutes per day.

When can I expect to see results?

Each child’s experiences vary. Many children experience some benefits right after the first listening. Sleep’n Sync’s programs have a cummulative effect, so it is recommended to play it to your sleeping child on a daily basis for six weeks, and from thereon as needed to help your child achieve the desired results.

Are results obtained permanent?

Yes. However, as with anything we learn, when we stop using the learned skills they can be forgotten, but they can be remembered easily.

As an example: when you learn to ride a bicycle, you learn the skills and movements necessary for the task of riding the bike, which are reinforced through practice. If you stop riding for a long period of time, you may feel you forgot those skills, however when you start to ride the bike again you soon learn that you can remember what you need to do to do this task.

In the same way as with the bicycle example, if your child is not in a situation in which the acquired benefits of Sleep’n Sync audios are used for some time, these can be “reminded” back by playing the specific Sleep’n Sync audio for a few nights before and/or during the time in which the situation is presented again.

How can I measure results?

Sleep’n Sync Programs include easy-to-use evaluation forms that can be filled to follow and measure results. each particular program has a specific evaluation form, included in the Caregiver Instructions Guide, that allows you to measure your child’s progress, week by week.

We encourage you to share your child’s filled evaluation form with us, together with your comments and experiences, so that we can use those results to make even more effective programs.

Do I have to stop after 6 weeks?

The programs are designed to help your child within a 6 week time frame. However, if you wish to continue playing it to your child for a longer period of time, after you have completed the first six weeks, you can certainly do so.
Having your child listen to the program, after completing 6 weeks, is helpful especially when you want to reinforce and strengthen the program’s benefits. For example, if your child has a test in a week or two, you can play the Test Taking program again during the prior week of the test to reinforce your child’s studying habits and reduce test anxiety. Another example would be re-using the Flexibility program before and during a vacation or a break from school.