Creativity In Our Dreams

We can find that lots of our creativity happens when we sleep…this is because our brain is working all the time making connections, and when we sleep, the connections we make with all the information we have and the information we get from outside can many times lead to nocturnal creativity.
Some times this creativity shows up in our dreams, we can dream about a new thing, a new creation. We might just think we might have known that from a previous experience, but it might not be that way. It might be that we created that thing in our brain and it came out in our dreams.
One famous example that illustrates this is when Paul McCartney woke up from a dream with a tune in his mind, a beautiful tune running in his mind, he remembered listened to that tune played by a classical string group in his dream. He liked the tune so much that he got up from bed to play the notes in the piano next to him. It was May 1965, he was in London filming Help. He was convinced this song was someone else’s because he heard it in his dream, that somewhere at some point he had heard it before, but he could not identify where. So he tried searching around to find it, and since he did not find any evidence of this song existing outside of his mind, he started playing it to friends and other musicians. They just told him the had never heard it before, and that it sounded like his own creation. He could not believe that he had created this song in his dreams at first, so he did terrible in making up the lyrics for it. It was until he finally believed it was his own creation that he composed the lyrics of “yesterday”…
Other times we can wake up with solutions in our heads, even if we don’t recall dreaming of it, we wake up with just the right solution to a problem we have been trying to solve for days, weeks or months. Suddenly we wake up with the right solution in our head, a solution that happened in our sleep, just because our mind was working making different connections that resulted in such a breakthrough.

A great deal of moments of inspiration happen during sleep. Not only musicians like Paul McCartney have reported this occurring to them. Also scientists, athletes, mathematicians, writers and artists have revealed this happening to them as well.