Life in Times of Coronavirus

Washing our hands, living confined in our homes, washing our hands, worried about getting the virus, washing our hands, no school or homeschooling our children, washing our hands, worried about the next pay check or figuring out how we will be able to pay our bills, washing our hands again, overwhelmed with information on the new pandemic, trying to make the best of it yet failing many times.

We are told we’re in this together but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. We might as well make the best of what we have. The virus is extremely contagious and so is laughter, kindness and empathy. We must get as much good humor as we can, we can force it in ourselves trying to avoid thinking about what is not in our hands to solve at the moment. We can redirect our thoughts into the good things and to the purpose of social distancing which in the end is what we want.

Our children will enjoy our good-humoured company, we will get to live beautiful moments which we had longed for in our hectic life just before this pandemic. A good shared laugh, a harmonious moment can make this a treasurable time. Let’s make it happen and do what we always wanted to do when we longed for time with our family, staying all healthy and well is the most important goal and by making it happen we can find good moments.

Consider trying out Sleep’n Sync’s programs, they are based on strong scientific research and best practices. We’ve seen children using the programs smiling more, being more flexible, having a positive attitude and more confident over all.

It is really hard to focus when we learn about someone we know who has the coronavirus, when fear gets to us, we must manage our own fear and worries and communicate them with truth, facts and no-panic. Having plans in place is always helpful.

I hope this finds you and your loved ones healthy and well, and I wish we all survive this pandemic with our loved ones in the best of health.