Bullying: Teaching Your Child How to Handle Situations Involving Bullies

Bullying eBookkindle edition

Bullying: Teaching Your Child How to Handle Situations Involving Bullies is a concise, easy to read book that will give you and your child valuable information and tips on how to prevent being bullied and how to handle bullying situations. Recommendations and strategies can be applied immediately to empower your child, build their confidence and give them advice on what they can do in difficult situations. Remembering that their personal safety is always our first concern.

From the creators of Sleep’n Sync this is a valuable guide to help the parents and caregivers help a child stay safe, confront bullying situations and live a happier life.

This eBook is the perfect introduction and complement to Sleep’n Sync’s Bullying program. In the book you will get immersed into the core information, obtain a thorough understanding of bullying and the different types of bully situations as well as the function and rationale that serve these situations and options to counteract them.

This eBook serves as the basis of the Sleep’n Sync audio program. Don’t just become educated about bullying through reading the eBook, but have your child participate in the Sleep’n Sync audio program Bullying.  Download it today! You can program it to be played at night to your child, as he or she is sleeping. Your child will absorb important messages about how to avoid being bullied and how to protect him or herself from others. This will occur while they are sleeping. These messages are designed to help your child maintain or regain confidence, stay safe, use confident body language, and be open to other options and ways to act when confronted by a bully. While they listen to the audio at night, your child will integrate this information for use during the daytime.

Learn how to prevent and effectively handle bullying situations. Order your eBook and start your child on Sleep’n Sync bullying audio program tonight!