Benefits of Sleep?

We have explored what happens when we do not get enough sleep and how to recover, which is through more sleep.
We should get rid of all the negative misconceptions of sleep, like thinking it is losing time or we have better things to do. Sleep is actually something positive in our lives.
Sleep is important, getting enough sleep improves our lives, specifically in the following areas:

Being alert and performing well: When we get enough sleep regularly we get the energy and drive we need throughout the day, we enjoy activities, challenges, and when we face a problem we have the energy, focus and drive to solve it, and our day evolves nicely. In contrast, when we are not well rested, we become bad performers, our work quality is negatively affected, our days evolve slow and dreadfully, procrastinating and constantly checking and waiting for the time to go home from work.

Becoming creative, focused and improving our memory: when we are well rested, our memory improves and we become more creative. This translates into good ideas to do things in different or better ways, solving problems, or enjoying our hobbies with good and creative performance.

Being healthier: be sleeping enough time we get healthier. Remember that with a short-term sleep debt we get headaches, colds, stomach issues, etc. Studies have shown that people who have long-term sleep debts are more likely to be obese, have heart problems, diabetes and live shorter lives. Recovering from sleep debt has its benefits also in our health.

There is no doubt that sleeping enough translates into a better quality of life, so please pay your sleep debts and don’t deny sleep its importance…