Back to School Worries?

School is starting soon. It is exciting as it promises possibilities and opportunities plus lots of new things to come. Exciting but uncertain, so anxiety is naturally experienced at this time.  Now is a good time to start helping your child get ready for the coming school year, especially if your child has a hard time with transitions.

Worries your child might have vary with age, the youngest children might struggle with separation, elementary children worry about what to expect or will they get along with others, and older children worry about logistics, social issues and school performance. It is always helpful to learn from your child about their worries so you can provide reassurance and accurate information. Sometimes they are misinformed and exaggerate what they will be facing, creating unnecessary fears. Talk to your child and be available to them, help them cope with their efforts.

Sleep’n Sync can be one of the tools helping your child with transitions and adjusting to the end of fun filled days in lieu of work based ones. Sleep’n Sync programs are designed by experts experienced in helping children overcome difficult times. We have the expertise; both as parents and professionals; and have used it to develop our programs just to help your child live a happier life… all in the comfort of your home, as your child sleeps.

Flexibility I-Helping Your Child Cope with Change and Be Open to Help. Assists the child develop the self confidence needed to become more flexible, receptive to change and accepting help from others by focusing on building the child’s confidence and giving him/her strategies to deal with the inherent anxiety associated with change.

Flexibility II-Helping Your Child Cope with Change and Transitions.  Designed to help the child who has has difficulty coping with change, accepting help from others, but also have difficulty transitioning from one activity to the next.
Building on the concepts addressed in Flexibility IFlexibility II helps the child to let go and become less threatened by changes in daily activities, transitioning smoothly from activity to activity.

Flexibility III: Helping your Child Cope with Change, Transitions and Leaving an Unfinished or 
Preferred Activity. Recommended for the child who has difficulty in coping with change, accepting help 
from others, has difficulty transitioning from one activity to the next, and also finds leaving an 
enjoyable activity (preferred task) or an unfinished task very difficult. This program builds on the 
concepts addressed in Flexibility I and II, helping children develop the confidence and flexibility 
needed to cope with change, transition and move on from preferred or unfinished tasks or activities.

Sleep’n Sync’s programs are based on strong scientific research and best practices. They are implemented in the convenience of the child’s bedroom while he or she sleeps. Simply choose the right program, download it and start tonight!