Back to School Now

Now that our children are back in school, it is a good time to analyze and evaluate what each one of us, parents, caregivers and professionals, would like our children to get out of their educational experience this year.

Of course we want them to be successful, but we should define what exactly we mean by success. For instance, having good grades is only one aspect of success, there is so much more to success than just grades. Acquiring academic skills is a cornerstone of education and includes reading, writing, arithmetic and critical thinking. However, how this is taught can expand the learning beyond just the academics to include teaching creativity, innovation in solving different kinds of problems, and flexibility.  As the teacher works on teaching simple or complex problems, as they teach the child to be open to different and new ways to solve them, they are teaching your child to be creative, flexible and resourceful. In addition to the academic skills there are certain skills and abilities our children need to be successful in their lives.  These can include; responsibility, organization, resilience, manners, patience, flexibility, and social skills. What do you want your child to learn this school year?

Once we are clear on our priorities for our children’s success, we can encourage them to that path. Remember, don’t overprotect/over-parent them, don’t do things for them, only guide them. They need to learn all those skills, abilities and values themselves. Believe in your children, make them know you know they can accomplish and achieve their goals, and if they need you, be there for them.

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