Sleep’n Sync has a Board, formed by well-known recognized professionals who agree upon the needs, strategies and best solutions to the most important challenges faced by children,which are addressed in the selection and content of the programs

Audrey Dee Zeigen-Lederman

Audrey Dee



Early Child Education

Carloyn Murray-Slutsky




Occupational Therapist, Author and International Lecturer

Deborah Hamui



Founder and CEO

Sleep'n Sync

Nurit Sheinberg



Ed. D

Human Develpoment and Psychology

Jeannette Kaplun




Parenting Author/ TV Personality

Sleep’n Sync’s audios are designed for children: They are short duration audios designed to be played to them during their sleep on an every day basis for a relatively short period of time (6 weeks), to help them correct and overcome problems they might face in their life

  • As an educator of many years, I find Sleep’n Sync is not a product but a blessing in disguise to better your relationship with your child and spending time with him/her doing fun things instead of arguing and finding excuses not to do what they are asked to do. Audrey Dee Zeigen-Lederman
  • An important piece of any therapy program is getting a child to change his or her behavior… Sleep’n Sync does that: It helps children believe in their ability, overcome fear of failure and know what they should be doing… It is an easy, positive addition to any therapy program. Carloyn Murray-Slutsky
  • I’m focused in helping children live happier lives as they achieve their goals effectively. Deborah Hamui
  • sleep’n Sync is a wonderful non-invasive, easy-to-implement tool that supports children achieve their goals. The program targets the most common areas of concerns parents tend to have with their children and it offers a positive solution-oriented approach Nurit Sheinberg
  • Sleep 'n Sync is great tool for parents. It is a non-invasive way to help boost a child's self-confidence and figure out more constructive ways to deal with anger, frustration, bullying, test-taking and other common issues. Jeannette Kaplun