2016 to 2017, A Reflection

2017 is rapidly approaching, with new possibilities and opportunities to help children and families achieve their goals and live happy and fulfilling lives.

Looking back to what we have done this past year, a smile imposes itself on my face. We have been immersed in a research project focused on our very own Flexibility I program. Within this project, we have completed almost half of the scheduled single case studies with positive outcomes in all of them. Families and children involved thus far in this research study are happy with their experience using Sleep’n Sync and feel their child was able to better handle life challenges due to Sleep’n Sync. Final results will be tabulated and analyzed once all studies are completed.

In 2017 we will continue with this research study which will allow for the publication of its results in recognized journals and magazines.

We are very proud that this year, Sleep’n Sync’s Board Member, co-author and co-developer of the Sleep’n Sync programs, Carolyn Murray-Slutsky, MS OTR, C/NDT will be awarded as a Roster of Fellows for the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) for “Leading Excellence in Pediatrics around the Globe” at the 97th Annual Conference and Expo (Philadelphia). This Roster recognizes members who with their knowledge and expertise have made a significant contribution to the continuing education and professional development of its members.

This coming year we will strive to continue reaching out and helping families overcome everyday life challenges through our programs. Sleep’n Sync programs focus in helping children with a variety of issues such as bullying, frustration and anger, explosiveness, flexibility, change, transitions, test taking, anxiety, reading comprehension and communication skills.

Wishing that 2017 brings immense joy and fun to your lives, may you and your loved ones achieve your goals and have lots of blessings.

Happy 2017!!!